About Brown Girl Tarot

Welcome to Brown Girl Tarot!

If you’ve clicked over to this page, you probably have questions…

What is Brown Girl Tarot?

BGT was started after I (AMJ) started reading for myself as a way to make my spiritual practice more tangible. I took to working with the cards fairly quickly and developed an unexpected passion for this art. I decided to start Brown Girl Tarot when I noticed the very low numbers of decks created by people of color or even featuring brown-skinned folks. Since I first came to tarot by way of women of color I encountered on Twitter, I figured it would be a great idea to bring us all together.

Brown Girl Tarot is a welcoming and affirming community. As such, the terms “girls” and “women” are inclusive, whether trans, femme, butch, gender nonconforming, intersex, cis, questioning, fluid, etc.*

*Reading services are available to people of all identities.


A vibrant network consisting of women, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people of color who practice tarot across the globe.

Three-Fold Mission

  1. Provide personalized spiritual advising via tarot readings.
  2. Connect women & nonbinary tarot practitioners of color through various means, ranging from online communications to in-person gatherings.
  3. Preserve the history of tarot decks depicting people of color, particularly decks created by POC via an online and a physical library.


  • Personal tarot readings
  • The Brown Girl Tarot Collective online community
  • Information about professional and personal development (e.g., webinars, conferences, etc.)*
  • Notices about decks depicting and/or created by people of color
  • Reviews of decks depicting and/or created by people of color
  • Directory of tarot readers  & creators of color*
  • Local and online member fellowship and healing events*

*In development, so stay tuned. Contact me if you are interested in helping develop these services.

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