About Brown Girl Tarot®

Welcome to Brown Girl Tarot!

If you’ve clicked over to this page, you probably have questions…

To start, the deck currently using the Brown Girl Tarot name is neither affiliated with
nor authorized by Amanda Michelle Jones or the Brown Girl Tarot organization.

What is Brown Girl Tarot?

BGT was started after I (AMJ) started reading for myself as a way to make my spiritual practice more tangible. I took to working with the cards fairly quickly and developed an unexpected passion for this art. I decided to start Brown Girl Tarot when I noticed the very low numbers of decks created by people of color or even featuring brown-skinned folks. Since I first came to tarot by way of women of color I encountered on Twitter, I figured it would be a great idea to bring us all together.

Brown Girl Tarot is a welcoming and affirming community. As such, the terms “girls” and “women” are inclusive, whether trans, femme, butch, gender nonconforming, intersex, cis, questioning, fluid, etc.*

*Reading services are available to people of all identities.


A vibrant network consisting of transgender, intersex, nonbinary, gender fluid/queer/nonconforming, two-spirit, & cis women of color who practice tarot across the globe.

Three-Fold Mission

  1. Provide intuitive tarot readings to consumers seeking personalized spiritual advising.
  2. Facilitate community building and professional development for members of the Brown Girl Tarot Collective.
  3. Preserve the history of tarot decks depicting people of color, particularly decks created by POC via a physical and an online library.


  • Personal tarot readings
  • The Brown Girl Tarot Collective online community
  • Information about professional and personal development (e.g., webinars, conferences, etc.)*
  • Notices about decks depicting and/or created by people of color
  • Reviews of decks depicting and/or created by people of color
  • Directory of tarot readers  & creators of color*
  • Local and online member fellowship and healing events*

*In development, so stay tuned. Contact me if you are interested in helping develop these services.

Please be sure to also connect with Brown Girl Tarot on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, and support us on Patreon.