Who is AMJ?

Thank you for asking.                                                          screen-shot-2016-05-29-at-14-26-05


Ok, seriously. My name is Amanda Michelle Jones. I’m a healer who uses social work and tarot (with influences from astrology), which I seek to eventually combine with art therapy to be able to help folks in various aspects of their lives. Full disclosure? I’ve recently given myself permission to fully embark on this journey of arts & intuition so that I can finally tap into the parts of me that I’ve denied for so many years. As soon as I set this intention, the Universe met me with more expansion than I could ever have expected. My vision as a healer is to help others also tap into the courage, strength, and intuition that they have been ‘hiding under a bushel’.

Expect this page to update according to my journey. You can also follow along on my personal website and twitter.

Where the melanated decks are…