China Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)

China Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)

I've played with this deck a little bit, mostly in awe. The artwork is so captivating and gasp-inducing. It really is like shuffling 78 artistic masterpieces. I highly recommend it for collectors and would love to hear from anyone who's actually read with it.

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About the Book

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An Eastern anthem to the beauty of the soul, this stunning collection of delicate images speaks of the magic and poetry of China. Infinite shades of emotion-joy, melancholy, love, ambition, etc.-help us identify with every well-crafted figure and scene.

The story of Der Jen is a little sad. She died just before turning 38 and it’s really hard to find good info on her. Benebell Wen wrote beautiful review of this deck, with a bit of a memoriam to Der Jen as well.

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Genres: Asian, Chinese
Tags: ingroup, Physical Copy
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Year: 2007
ASIN: 073871058X
ISBN: 073871058X
List Price: $22.95
About the Author
Der Jen

Der Jen* is the pseudonym for the Taiwanese who created the China Tarot. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2012* (link below), just before her 38th birthday. Der Jen was actually quite celebrated for her beautiful Chinese artwork, despite the ongoing conflict between China and Taiwan. Sadly, there is very little available about Der Jen online, in English but Benebell Wen has a nice writeup on her deck, including info on the artist:

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