Dark Days Tarot

Dark Days Tarot

The Dark Days Tarot is a multicultural deck in black & white, with a square design and meanings for all four possible rotations. The second edition, also released in 2017 features silver-gilded edges.

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About the Book

From the creators’ website:

The Dark Days Tarot deck is inspired by the dark side of the moon; the blackest nights of the lunar cycle.

Darkness is the subconscious, the dream world, the spirit rhelm, the unknown, and fertile ground for self-reflection. It offers an opportunity to “see” with senses other than eyesight. Answers, clues, and journeying linger in darkness.

Use this deck when you need deeper understanding and inspiration for forward movement, especially when it’s harder to “see” what you need or want.

Drawing inspiration from lunar archetypes, this deck features a diverse cast of feminine and androgynous characters.

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Genre: Multicultural
Tag: ingroup+outgroup
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Year: 2017
About the Author
Wren McMurdo

Dark Days Tarot was designed, illustrated and published by Wren McMurdo, an intuitive artist in Seattle, Washington. Wren has been studying Tarot for eight years, and has been illustrating since early childhood. She finds joy in her own ever-evolving witchcraft practice.

Wren channeled her Cancerian connection to the moon and its phases, in congruence with her concern over the destruction of the planet in creating these cards. She lives with her wife and parakeets.

Thank you to Wren for graciously donating a copy of the first edition Dark Days Tarot to the Brown Girl Tarot Library!
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