Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck Color

Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck Color

Daughters of the Moon was one of the first round tarot decks and highly regarded by many as a major feminist contribution to tarot.

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About the Book

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The Definitive Feminist Tarot Deck! First Published in 1984, the deck customers say is the most beautiful they’ve ever seen.

Goddess and female archetypes from cultures, religions and traditions throughtout [sic] the world appear in the Daughters of the Moon Tarot. The deck envisions a women’s community which reflects diversity, compassion and wisdom. The 5″ round cards reflect a wholistic approach- envisioning cycles of energies in the cards, unlike the dualities and oppositions of traditional tarot.

Be sure to also check out the accompanying guidebook (included when you purchase directly from Ffiona).

Genre: Multicultural
Tag: ingroup+outgroup
Publisher: Daughters of the Moon
Publication Year: 1984
ASIN: 1880130041
ISBN: 1880130041
List Price: $25.95
About the Author
Ffiona Morgan

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Ffiona Morgan is a wild welsh woman who loves the goddess and the earth with a passion. Ffiona is one of the mothers of the current resurgence of the Goddess movement in the United States, with over 20 years of experience in ritual and women's spirituality, as both a seeker and a Priestess. She has also been teaching , holding seasonal rituals and lecturing on the Goddess worldwide.

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