Delta Enduring Tarot

Delta Enduring Tarot

The Delta Enduring Tarot pays homage to the Mississippi Delta, its environment, its spirit, and its people. In this deck, Wands are Oaks (trees), Swords are Moths, Cups are Oysters, and Coins are Cast Irons (skillets).

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About the Book

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There is a beauty in the savage depths of the swamp. For every drop of blood that is spilled into those dark waters, the delta rises, she thrives, she continues to resist the encroaching gulf. So too is the way of her people, who despite endless struggles, find love and wonder amidst the ruins of the natural world.

The Delta Enduring Tarot pays tribute to these ebbs and flows, to the lives of those people that continue to make the deep south a more inviting, verdant, and enduring landscape, despite the storm of oppression always on the horizon.

Great oaks refuse to be paved over.

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Finally got some time to explore the #deltaenduringtarot! This 5 of moths made my heart drop. I didn’t get to visit #NOLA until after the storm but I definitely didn’t see as much of the legendary city I’d heard about. The tension could be cut with a knife. (Also: who tf jogs on trolley tracks? But that’s a tangent.) I still desperately wanna go back and chat with the folks I saw last time, visit areas I didn’t get to see, talk to more folks with history in the city, etc. But this card here brings up all the feels I had upon observing the #gentrification of New Orleans. How appropriate for the #5ofSwords. Excellent work, @doctorsnakes. #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcollector #browngirltarot #melanatedtarot #tarotdeck #tarot

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Genre: Multicultural
Tags: ingroup+outgroup, LGBTQ+
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Year: 2017
List Price: $50
About the Author

Egan is an illustrator born and raised in the arms of the Mississippi Delta. They practice medicine and the esoteric arts of magic, with a predilection for the healing of communal ritual and the utilization of focus items, like spirit boards, altarscapes, and the tarot. They are also the writer and illustrator of the comic book series, JOB: A COMIC, and the comic strip, WeBitched.

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