Dust II Onyx Tarot

Dust II Onyx Tarot
One of the most highly anticipated decks of 2017, Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck features 78 original paintings created by Courtney Alexander. Feedback about the deck raves about the intense spiritual experience elicited by the artwork, which features spot gloss and gold foil accents to maintain varying surface quality of the original works.
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About the Book

From the guidebook:

Dust II Onyx Tarot is a deck created to bring guidance to those in search of their true inner selves. I’ve been guided through this project to encourage progress and social resistance for the lives that are lost in this world at the moment. The project also aims to foster deep spiritual transformation and revive the gifts imparted to us, and to be one of many gates to higher understanding and knowledge for those who desire to experience it. The shift that this world is experiencing is as much spiritual as it is material and takes the courage to own your destiny and purpose above all else. I’m honored to be even a small part of the healing that is taking place for so many people around the world. As we turn inward and face who we really are, we can improve the conditions of this world.


Artist Statement (taken from guidebook):

As a person who lives at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities, art has helped me contextualize how I navigate this world. Mixed-media collage and sculpture have become the way that I can tangibly arrange these different aspects of my existence into a whole. As my practice has expanded, I’ve arrived at a place where I desire to explore those intersections communally.

The themes of my previous work dealt mostly with myself, understanding my body, the clichés surrounding it, and the violence inflicted upon it. I looked to art history to explore how being a fat black woman and being inserted into common narratives brought new context to them. My current series, Dust II Onyx, uses tarot divination to merge the multitude of intersections within black culture. I was inspired by my own spiritual journey deconstructing, decolonizing, and disconnecting from my Christian heteropatriarchal foundations.

As an African-American unable to trace my ancestry beyond a few generations, this work has helped me gather the shards of my identity that once felt scattered. I felt conflicted about jumping into other African spiritual traditions within the diaspora to find myself. I wanted to be conscious of my desire to appropriate traditions without forethought to how they connected to my own cosmology – considering the thousands of ethnic groups that exist within this expansive continent that is my soul’s
original home.

Using multi-media collage, I explored the archetypes within tarot while imagining an ancient civilization that carries all of our history within it. A world beyond this dimension, yet intrinsically connected to our own. A nonbinary world where I could see myself and those I love as powerful and eternal beings. I believe, in this way, my art can be a tool of resistance and transformation not just politically, but also at the root of one’s spirit.

I had the honor of serving as editor for the Dust II Onyx Vade Mecum. When I tell you there are no words to express how amazing this deck is, I am not exaggerating. Yes, I’m totally biased. I cried so many times. That sort of thing happens when you get your whole-ass life while you’re supposed to be fixing typos and whatnot. The guidebook, titled the Dust II Onyx Vade Mecum, contains over 200 pages, including full-color images of the artwork, with well-researched card explanations, including over 75 sources for you to get into.

Genres: African & Diaspora, Black American
Tags: ingroup, LGBTQ+
Publisher: Black & Sage Press
Publication Year: 1st ed: 2017; 2nd ed: 2018
List Price: $68.95
About the Author
Courtney Alexander

Courtney Alexander is a multimedia artist, creative director, and writer with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art from the University of South Florida. In her past work she dug into issues of duality, hyper sexuality, and self-awareness; a much more personal dialogue which served to create vulnerability and explore the complex nature of her existence. Her paintings and sculptures are abstract and experimental, allowing for a more tactile sensory experience. The Dust II Onyx Tarot Deck is a natural progression in her exploration of identity and her largest project to date. Her next mission is to create a publishing platform that caters to minority and marginalized artists who desire to create uplifting and educational products for their communities.

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