HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

I have mixed feelings about this deck. I think it's cute but as someone whose play family (aka "fictive kin" in academic speak) was Hawai'ian... I just have mixed feelings. Stay tuned for a full review.

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Tarot cards have always been very mystical. Many people have already created beautiful Tarot Decks. I chose to create my Hawai’ian Tarot, because I was lucky enough to live there, and I’ve been highly influenced by Hawai’ians and their mystical old land. Hawai’i is not only a favorite tourist destination as many people may think, but an ancient land of the Hawai’ians, with a rich culture and beliefs. My deck is unique and is based on the Hawai’ian spiritual hierarchy of Gods and Goddess’ that have influenced the Hawai’ian lifestyle for thousands of years. The cards exemplify the power of the ancient and modern Hawai’ian beliefs in which the Gods and Goddess’ guided the Hawai’ian people in living happy and contented lives in harmony with nature, along with the intense beauty of the ocean, volcanoes, mountains, birds, deities and the ‘Aloha Spirit’. You also can notice that I used lots of landscapes in my deck, because the land aina of Hawai’i is very sacred, and protected by her people. The ONLY Tarot set that does honor to the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Hawaii Five-0 featured my HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot on Episode 304 – “Popilikia” Tentative Air Date Was on Mon, 10/15/12 CBS. Very proud of my work!

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming book Kalani Literary Review. Hanau: Birth, Transformation, and Possibility. Some of the artwork of HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot will be used on this publication. From now on all the sales from this deck goes to support the artist’s and her husband’s next project; ‘Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats’.

Genres: Hawai'ian, Pacific Islander
Tag: outgroup
Publisher: Artful Dragon Press
Publication Year: 2010
ASIN: 1616236361
ISBN: 1616236361
List Price: $30.00
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