Tarot Nusantara

Tarot Nusantara

Based directly on the Rider-Waite-Smith, this deck features gorgeous, colorful, Indonesian imagery. You will also find that Wands are Sticks and Cups are Trophies.

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About the Book

From Tarot Nusantara on blogspot:

[Tarot Nusantara] is a self-published deck from Indonesia and has all of the charm of a self-published deck.  Beautiful images and colors. The artist did a wonderful job translating the Rider Waite theme but in traditional Indonesian dress,  colors and scenes.

The following brief description is quoted from Aeclectic Tarot:

The Tarot Nusantara is an Indonesian published 78-card deck. The art has a South-East Asian flavour but sticks closely to the original Rider-Waite symbolism. The titles of the deck, and the companion book, are printed in Bahasa Indonesian.

For those who aren’t well-versed in Indonesian, the artist’s blog offers translation into 12 additional languages (be sure to reselect your language each time you click on a new page).

As of the third edition,

The pack consist[s] of one deck 78 cards along with pendulum and tarot pouch in a black cardboard box.

Card size : 5×8 cm
Pouch size : 25×15 cm
Pendulum : varies shape in resin with 15cm chain.
Box dimension : 11.5×13.3 cm

The deck is available on Etsy for $35 but since it ships from Indonesia, expect to spend an additional $45 or so on shipping (to the U.S.) A fourth edition is pending and is purported to be borderless, so stay tuned!

Genres: Asian, Indonesian
Publication Year: Current (3rd Ed): 2016; Original: 2010
List Price: $35
About the Author
Hisyam A. Fachri

Hisyam A. Fachri is a professional trainer, mind consultant psychology, and hypnosis therapist at LPT Bureau ­ Psychology Services Indonesia ­ in Jogja and Solo, as well as wrestling the art of tarot discourse as part of therapy consultant. Chairs the Association of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy of Indonesia (AHHI), the Indonesian Association of Tarot Nusantara (ATNI), Indonesian Aesthetic and Semiotic Communication Forum (FOKASI), and the Indonesian Psychology Service Bureau (JASPI­BIPSI).

Author of The Real Art of Hypnosis: A Collaboration of Eastern and Western Hypnosis combines and employs unconscious exploration techniques to uncover the secrets behind the human mind, with a

touch of Eastern­style hypnosis becoming a phenomenon in Indonesian society. Author of The Real Art of Tarot: Reading the Mind Through Tarot Discourse Art. Author of Tarot Psychology: Discovering Self, Counseling, and Applied Hypnosis. Creating creative ideas 1 set of tarot cards named Tarot Nusantara­with anatomical symbols and sketches of the cultural elements of the archipelago.

Several awards he earned, one of which is regarded berprestise is the award certificate of Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for the record­breaking reading of the subconscious mind with the oldest tarot card at 61 clients in Semarang, which is for 12 hours 15 minutes. The Tarot Certification Board, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Communication Skills Specialist, Licensed Trainer of NLP etc., are also speakers on Indonesia Hypnosis Sumiit (IHS) 2010,11,12

Currently Hisham is preparing a book on tarot as a tool to see the strengths, weaknesses and dynamics of one's personality. In this way we will see tarot and psychology with CG Jung's personality theory, archetypes and personality typologies ­ strengths and weaknesses, concerns and expectations with Myers­Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test tools, enigram and DISC

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