Tarot Roots of Asia

Tarot Roots of Asia

I absolutely adore the imagery in this deck. The artwork and colors really pop. And it was created by actual Asian folks! The creators took a bit of a different direction with the meanings of the cards, as the deck was inspired by the teachings of The Buddha. However, the deck does follow the RWS system, in terms of the Major & Minor Arcana naming and numbering. The LWB is also quite nice, though I do wish they had done a more formal book (I won't lie: it's because I want to see the artwork in a larger format. 😆)

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About the Book

From Aeclectic:

A tranquil and beautiful Buddhist tarot deck. The otherworldly art in the Roots of Asia Tarot was created by Thai artist Amnart Klanprachar and aims ‘to be a wonderful passage to spiritual realization’.

From the Book Depository:

This deck was created with the intention of creating a passage to spiritual realization. Inspired by teachings of The Buddha, artist Amnart Klanprachar shares his belief of understanding the truth through art with Tarot Roots of Asia.
Authors: ,
Genre: Asian
Tags: ingroup, Physical Copy
Publisher: AGM Muller
Publication Year: 2001
ASIN: 3905219794
ISBN: 3905219794
List Price: OOP: $300-$1000+
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