Brown Girl Tarot® Library

Welcome to the Brown Girl Tarot Library!

This is an ever-growing database of tarot decks that were created by and/or include people of color (POC) in them. The ultimate purpose of this library is to be the go-to source for people searching for melanated decks. Suggestions for improvement are certainly welcome. Building the Library will be a bit of a slow process, mainly because I work full-time and am trying to wrap up my PhD. As things move forward, I will be focusing on adding decks created by the POC represented in the artwork. As the Library expands, it will include more decks created by folks outside the communities represented.

You can search the Brown Girl Tarot® Library using the search box in the right-hand column of the site.

Each entry includes

  • A picture of the box or a sample card. All image copyrights belong to the deck creators/publishers.
  • Basic deck info (i.e., creators, publishers, publication dates).
  • A description of the deck, sometimes from the creators, sometimes from Brown Girl Tarot.
    • When possible, this description will include the creators’ background info.
  • “Genre” of the deck, meaning the regions and/or peoples represented in the artwork.
    • Ingroup” = the deck was created by the POC represented in the artwork.
    • Outgroup” = the deck was created by someone who is not one of the POC represented in the artwork.
    • Ingroup+Outgroup” = the creators consist of both the POC represented in the artwork and those who are not.
  • Date when the deck was added to the physical Brown Girl Tarot Library, if applicable.
  • Links to purchase your own copy of the deck.
    • Disclosure: The BGT Library provides links to purchase each deck, when possible. When you click these links and make a purchase, Brown Girl Tarot may earn a commission, which goes to support maintenance of the organization. Affiliate programs include but are not limited to: the eBay Partner Network, AbeBooks, Amazon Associates, and the Book Depository Affiliate Program.
  • In the future, the Library will also include a deck interview for each entry. 

Help the BGTLibrary Grow

This library is currently a labor of love. If you would like to support the work, you can:

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Brown Girl Tarot especially welcomes new deck announcements and donations from creators! If you donate a copy of your deck, you’ll get a special note in its Library entry!