My Reading Style

I read intuitively, meaning, after I help you craft a question that gets to the heart of the matter, I tune into guidance from Spirit (aka God, The Creator, The Universe, etc.) Rather than regurgitating “textbook” definitions of the card meanings, I look at the overall messaging across the cards.

Some of the things I consider in my readings:

  • What responses & reactions do the cards inspire for me?
  • How do the cards interact with each other?
  • What patterns do I see amongst the cards?
  • Do any particular images or numbers stand out in the spread?

IMPORTANT: Tarot cannot tell your future; your fate is in YOUR hands! Tarot provides spiritual guidance to help you make decisions about how to move forward in your life.

As a reader, my job is to help you connect with guidance that can be gleaned from the messages represented by the cards. This guidance can help you make decisions about how to act according to your situation. That said, I cannot provide advice on medical (including mental health) or legal situations. Please consult with a doctor, therapist, or lawyer in such cases.

Reading Options: $5 – $10 – $25 Introductory Sale

These packages will be available at reduced prices for a limited time as part of Brown Girl Tarot’s “soft launch”. All readings will be offered via email for now but I plan to offer sessions by phone & video chat in the future.

Be sure to keep the window open after placing your order.
You will be redirected to the submission page, which has instructions on how to ask your question. Please allow 72 hours for your reading to be delivered.

At this time, I am not offering gift certificates, however any reading may be purchased as a gift! Simply add the recipient’s name, email address, & a message (if desired) in the “note to the seller” section of the PayPal form. If you wish to delay delivery, please also indicate that in the note. I will email the recipient an invite to submit their question and copy you on the message.

    • $5 – 1 card reading 
      • The perfect “taster” session for someone who is just curious or wants to try out a reading for fun.
      • What you get: a photo of your card + 1-2 paragraphs of interpretation.
      • Popular choice for daily guidance.

    • $10 – 3 card reading 
      • When you want a slightly more detailed reading than one card can provide.
      • What you get: a photo of your cards + up to 1 (one) page of interpretation.
      • Good for initial exploration of general situations or weekly guidance.
    • $25 – In-depth reading
      • Number of cards may vary. I will select or design a custom spread as my intuition leads.
      • What you get: a photo of your cards + a detailed interpretation (length will vary by reading).
      • These readings are great for gaining detailed insight to complex situations.

Book Me for Your Next Event

I am available to conduct readings at your next wheelchair-accessible gathering! With at least 3 weeks’ advance notice, I can conduct on-site readings for individuals on a pay-per-session basis or as part of a group package. Contact me to arrange details and negotiate pricing and logistics.