Working With Me

Reiki is about directly channeling healing energy from Spirit. At the end of these  sessions, I let you know what Spirit revealed to me as I was working on you and provide coaching relevant to those matters. You may wish to take notes, as I do not provide any records or recordings of these sessions.

For tarot, I read intuitively, which means after you craft a question that gets to the heart of the matter, I tune into guidance from Spirit (aka God, The Creator, The Ancestors, The Universe, etc.) Rather than merely regurgitating “textbook” definitions of the card meanings, I look at the overall messaging across the cards. Some of the things I consider in my card readings:

      • What responses & reactions do the cards inspire for me?
      • How do the cards interact with each other?
      • What patterns do I see amongst the cards?
      • Do any particular images or numbers stand out in the spread?
      • Are you trynna use tarot to run from your problems or ask questions you already know the answer to?

And I want to make it clear: I am not into the ~good vibes only~ or ~love and light~ approach. In other words, while I’m not mean or rude* and am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, I am direct and do not sugarcoat the messages that Spirit delivers. I also tend to talk and write in the same tone that you’re reading here. (And I purposefully create my web & social content to reflect this communication style.) If any of this does not work for you, I may not be the reader for you, and that’s okay! There’s somebody for everybody.
*Do know that this is subjective and often related to our cultural backgrounds and experiences.

IMPORTANT: I will not predict your future; your fate is in YOUR hands! I merely connect with Spirit to provide spiritual guidance that can help you make decisions about how to move forward in your life.

As a reader & energy worker, my job is to help you connect with guidance that can be gleaned from the messages represented by the cards or given in your energy healing session. This guidance can help you make decisions about how to act according to your situation. That said, I cannot provide advice on medical (including mental health) or legal situations, even in reiki or coaching. Please consult with a doctor, therapist, or lawyer in such cases. If these issues arise while we’re working together, I will advise you to seek out the appropriate professional support.

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