Taking A Break…

Thank you for your interest in getting a reading from Brown Girl Tarot! At this time, I am taking a break from giving readings for others while I finish up some intensive shadow work* with my learning community over the next couple of weeks. I will still honor any readings or gift certificates already purchased as of 24 January 2017. Just contact me directly by emailing:
bgt @ amandamichellejones . com

*In short, shadow work is exploring the dark or shadow sides of a reading or, in this case, of one’s life by reading the card at the bottom of the deck. Doing an extended shadow study can be heavy spiritual work, as I am discovering, so I want to make sure I’m fully present for that work. On a cool note, I will be incorporating shadow cards into my readings for clients from now on.

See you soon,


Where the melanated decks are…