opens you up to explore

The entire session, from start to finish was a calming, awakening, powerful experience. AMJ’s energy instantly puts you at ease which in turn opens you up to explore and take this journey.

Professional & intuitive, right on the money.

I received a reiki session from Amanda, and it was the most powerful reiki session I’ve ever received to date. Amanda was professional and timely. She is the real deal — I had pains I didn’t tell her about that she had no way of knowing where they were, and she picked up on them and was able to give me more information on them. She was also able to communicate a message from a departed loved one that had been weighing on my mind — again, without any way of knowing about it. Her healing was fantastic, and helped me to continue facilitating my own healing journey. The healing energies truly love her as a conduit. If you’re reading reviews to decide to book Amanda or not, just go ahead and do it. You will not regret it! She is fantastic!

Defintiely an experience

It was my first time receivjng reiki services remotely. AMJ was kind and walk through the process. I was immediately able to ID the spaces where they were doing the energy work and then they gave homework to assist with the blockages they identified. It was a great first session!