How to Ask a Tarot Question

The biggest challenge most people encounter when first exploring tarot is asking appropriate questions. While tarot is a great way to gain guidance on our life’s journey, it cannot predict your future. (Sorry! If I could pick winning lotto numbers or a life partner with the cards, I’d be cozied up in someone’s lap on a private island by now, LOL!)

So what do we ask when we approach tarot? Some features of a good tarot question:

  • Open-ended (as in, not a yes/no question*)
    • Instead of “will” “should” and “when”, start with “what” “how” or “why”.
    • *There are some instances when a yes/no answer might be appropriate. However there are often many factors at hand and things could change. Thus, I am very selective about yes/no readings, and when I do them, I seek deeper information, such as timing and context.
  • Acknowledges your agency/responsibility in the situation.
    • For example, “How can I best prepare myself to be in a relationship?”
  • Asks about conditions you should be aware of as you move forward in life.
    • For example, “What do I need to know about my upcoming vacation?”
  • Does not ask about someone else’s life.
    • It’s considered a violation of privacy to go inquiring about another person and the reading is very likely to go awry because that person’s energy isn’t directly involved.

As a reader, my job is to help you connect with guidance that can be gleaned from the messages represented by the cards. This guidance can help you make decisions about how to act according to your situation. That said, I cannot provide advice on medical (including mental health) or legal situations. Please consult with a doctor, therapist, or lawyer in such cases.

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