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Average Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Accurate, Direct Reading

I loved my reading with Amanda Michelle! Their reading was direct, to the point, and accurate. It spoke directly to issues I was dealing with and just like they say in their description, they don’t mince words! Plus Amanda Michelle has a great sense of humor I really appreciated. In addition, their style of emailing your reading with picture and full text gave me opportunity to really think over my reading. I recommend this service if you are looking for a tarot reading.


opens you up to explore

The entire session, from start to finish was a calming, awakening, powerful experience. AMJ’s energy instantly puts you at ease which in turn opens you up to explore and take this journey.


I was blown away…

I want to give a five star review to GNO girl business Brown Girl Tarot, by Amanda Michelle Jones. I recently got my cards read (long-distance, I got the full spread reading but there are one-card and three-card quickie options) and it really made me feel AWESOME.

A few days after sending payment I received an email with a photograph of my full Celtic cross tarot spread, including two selected “alternative artwork” cards from different decks to further illustrate a couple of the cards in my Celtic cross. There were also TWO FULL PAGES of interpretation, including a short tl;dr of the answer to my Tarot question & detailed explanations of each card’s specific meaning. Everything made complete sense and helped to validate a lot of things I’ve been feeling about my path for 2017.

I’ve actually printed out my reading and I’m going to stick it up on my front door so I see a reminder of the things I need to focus on to attain my goals as I leave the house every morning.

I was blown away by the level of detail, the quality of writing in the description of the reading, and how much everything related to exactly what I’m going through.


Defintiely an experience

It was my first time receivjng reiki services remotely. AMJ was kind and walk through the process. I was immediately able to ID the spaces where they were doing the energy work and then they gave homework to assist with the blockages they identified. It was a great first session!


Really wonderful experience. I purchased

Really wonderful experience. I purchased an ancestral tarot reading, which was broken down by each question I had asked in my “bio.” She includes a short explanation of the pulled cards and how that may seem to relate to your personal bio or other cards in the reading.

My favorite part of my reading was that I passively mentioned one very close family member had died in my bio, and Amanda Michelle included a separate 3-card pull just for this person, which meant a lot, and ended up being exactly what I needed to hear from my passed family member. Thank you, Amanda Michelle!


Spot on

The reading was so precise and to the point. I tend to drown myself in too much information and analysis, so the format that Amanda used was perfect for breaking down the information and delivering it in a powerful and tactful way. The tarot reading provided me with what I needed to hear to get moving.

Thank you!!


I will definitely be recommending you to my friends

Thank you so much for my reading! I can honestly say it was just about spot on… Thank you for taking the time to write out a clear and detailed response to me in a language that I could 100% understand. The woman who posted about you in GNO was right. You are absolutely wonderful and I don’t just say that because of the way my reading turned out. You are very informative and I loved that you let your personality come through in your readings because it makes me as the client want to open up to you more. I’d be happy to write a review or if you want to share my comments you have my permission to do so! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Thank you for everything! I will be back again.


Professional & intuitive, right on the money.

I received a reiki session from Amanda, and it was the most powerful reiki session I’ve ever received to date. Amanda was professional and timely. She is the real deal — I had pains I didn’t tell her about that she had no way of knowing where they were, and she picked up on them and was able to give me more information on them. She was also able to communicate a message from a departed loved one that had been weighing on my mind — again, without any way of knowing about it. Her healing was fantastic, and helped me to continue facilitating my own healing journey. The healing energies truly love her as a conduit. If you’re reading reviews to decide to book Amanda or not, just go ahead and do it. You will not regret it! She is fantastic!


Where the melanated decks are…